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Additional Training



Thank you for visiting set2explore portal. at the same time we use this occasion to present our vision which as an opportunity we are offering to our customers. set2explore, is a multipurposeportal, aimed at the business world, as well as almost all segments associated with it. In addition, we will perform a short representative about the possibilities offered by this portal:



B2B/B2C/C2B communications models - connection among businesses, businesses and end users, and conversely.

Online Advertising - a form of promotion which uses the Internet and World Wide Web, and whose purpose is sending a marketing message which attracts customers.

Promotion - opportunity of publishing the promotional programs - campaigns in a simple and efficient way which makes you more accessible now than ever.

Tourism - a detailed presentation and publication of business and recreational-tourism program, makes you more accessible than ever.

Food & Drinks - useful for all caterers and leaders of the entertainment locals, which by presenting its programs (both in terms of lodging, and in terms of entertainment) are expanding their horizons of action and using the fastest and most effective way of informing and presenting to the public.

Real Estate - offers solutions such as simplest, fastest and most detailed way, of presenting and submiting your offer and program to all those who need it.

Additional Training - as one of the major prerequisites for professional building of successful business career, an opportunity to present your programs for professional training to those who need it.

Labour Market - a place, a source of skilled staff, which in their own interest of business edification, it becomes available to the needs of your companies.