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National Restaurant Old House

Ul. Pajko Malo br.14
tel: +389 (0)2 3131 376, fax: +389 (0) 2 3119 668
website: www.oldhouse.com.mk

About Restaurant 

Built in the distant 1836, this house is the oldest traditional house in Macedonia, which is still in function, a house which represents national wealth, which testifies to the history of the Macedonian house and its validity, house-museum protected by the “Bureau of National Treasure.”
Constructed of wood and stone, with original carved ceilings, this house was home to 6 generations of family Jovanovich, and today is a great national restaurant with excellent, warm and above all, old Macedonian traditional setting.

While admire the beauty of the environment enriched with horticulture in the yard and the sounds of the fountain, your soul will caressing gentle sounds of national musical instruments and bagpipes flute, accompanied by violin, guitar and accordion.

Our ID card and a recognizable landmark is the first of the national food, very healthy food prepared in a traditional way in wood oven, and modern kitchen equipped by the HACCP standard.

Prepare various cocktails and Swedish tables; organize celebrations and parties, as well as menus for groups.

Only if you visit us, you can be sure.
Welcome, we expect you.

About Museum

This single-family traditional house with a court is rare example of folk architecture of Skopje of the 19th century. Built in light frame construction (wooden skeleton and filed by mud bricks) placed on massive stone walls.

Live was maintained in the closed part of the house, with three open area of the court. The room disposition at both main levels in the same with variations at the connecting area: in the form of porch at the ground floor, glazed attractive balcony and platform on the first floor and as open balcony also on the floor.

The interior is impressive. The rooms are bright and spacious provided with cupboards (built in type), divans and sofas (places for sitting), very little movable furniture and richly decorated ceilings and many wood-carved details.

» Facts about the “Old House” Museum «

•  Built in 1836
•  For six generations in possessions by the Jovanovic family
•  Between the two world wars it was also used as a hostel
•  Since 1996, monument of culture of Skopje City
•  Reconstructed in 2000. 

Museum Gallery - How it was before how it's now