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British Council - Macedonia

Blvd. Goce Delcev, 6 PO Box 562
tel: +389 (0)2 3135 035, fax: +389 (0)2 3135 036
website: www.britishcouncil.org/mk/macedonia





An organisation creating opportunities worldwide


The future for the UK in this crowded, dangerous, beautiful world depends on people of all cultures living and working together on foundations of education, mutual understanding, respect and trust.
We build engagement and trust for the UK through the exchange of knowledge and ideas between people worldwide.
We are the United Kingdom`s international organisation for cultural and educational relations.
Our aim is to promote the United Kingdom through partnership with people in the countries where we work. We emphasise the mutual benefit in everything we do.
We look for projects with clear and measurable objectives, limited time-frames and shared responsibilities. We normally plan our projects up to one calendar year in advance.
We work in partnership with organisations, institutions or individuals in Macedonia. We believe that building relationships between two countries is a two-way process. We actively look for partners in all communities and we try to ensure that our activities are open to everyone.
We are not a sponsor or donor organisation. We cannot respond to requests for funding of other people’s events or projects, regardless of whether there is a UK connection or not. The events which we organise and fund are carefully chosen to meet clear objectives agreed with our partners at the earliest stage of planning (up to one year in advance).
Partnership can only work if it is based on equal interest and equal responsibility, and if it leads to long term, sustainable change and innovation. So we prefer to work with people who are trying to create something new. Any working relationship which we enter will be based on the following expectations:
Any activity will be based on a project plan with clear objectives agreed at the very start of our discussions. This plan will be kept under review at all stages.
Our relationship with a partner (individual or organisation) will be set out in a signed contract or letter of agreement, which will make clear the responsibilities of each side and the expected standards of work.
Our partners will have their own clear objectives, take an active interest in their relationship with us, and to contribute positively to the planning, organisation, promotion, execution and evaluation of each event or project.
Our partners always contribute to the costs of the activity. The exact percentage of this contribution varies according to the project, but it should be significant. It may be in cash (e.g. payment of fees, travel expenses, advertising etc) or in kind (e.g. provision of venues, technical equipment, transport etc).
We don’t pay money directly to our partners.
We expect full and equal recognition and promotion alongside our partners in all publicity, press releases and other public statements connected with the project or event in question. The design and wording of all publicity materials will be agreed between us and our partners before publication.
Any involvement, contribution or acknowledgement of other sponsors will be a matter of mutual agreement between us and our partners.