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Center for Foreign Languages

Ul. Orce Nikolov br.155a
tel: +389 (0) 2 3067 783, fax: +389 (0) 2 3063 138
website: www.csj-skopje.com

About CSJ


Our goal is to provide a professional approach and warm and positive atmosphere that will encourage you to master the art of speaking, listening, writing and thinking of foreign languages

Who are we

Founded in 1954. as courses in English language, during his half-century of existence, the Centre for foreign languages ​​has grown into an institution with a built up reputation and continuous growth. Today the center is one of the largest and highest quality schools for studying foreign languages ​​on the Balkan. Our courses annually visits more than 2000 students of all ages. Besides the courses organized at all levels, our work includes organizing seminars, publishing books, translation, preparation for internationally recognized exams, issuing certificates of knowledge of foreign languages, organizing games arcades for children, weekend courses, intensive individual instruction and accompanying children study tour in Great Britain, Austria, Spain and other countries.


About Teachers

Our professors are among the most respected and best-trained in their profession. They possess extensive experience and high expertise. The center provides continuous professional training of its staff by attending specialized seminars in the country and abroad. Yet we know that our students learn in different ways, so our teachers use a range of modern methods and techniques in order to meet the individual needs. Professors constantly cooperate with the directors of the Centre for teaching foreign languages ​​as an experienced team of training advisers follow the latest trends in methodology for studying English. Our entire staff will assist you in learning. Caring for each listener is one of the most precious aspects of learning at the Center for Foreign Languages.


Why we are special

We offer:

  ◊  High quality education
  ◊  Latest interactive methods
  ◊  Preparation / conducting of international exams
  ◊  Organizing courses for individual needs
  ◊  Exclusively - weekend courses / summer courses
  ◊  Supremely trained professors team
  ◊  Superb service
  ◊  Pleasant working environment
  ◊  Select term that suits you
  ◊  Unique opportunity for harmonization of terms for more courses
  ◊  Various benefits for payment
  ◊  More members from the same family together in the same school


Our clients and coworkers

During his extensive work, CSJ collaborated with many institutions, organizations and companies.

  ◊  Departments of Foreign Languages ​​Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski" - Skopje, University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius"
  ◊  Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia
  ◊  Macedonian Government
  ◊  Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary
  ◊  Ministry of Internal Affairs
  ◊  Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  ◊  Ministry of Economy
  ◊  Stopanska Bank
  ◊  Komercijalna Bank
  ◊  ProCredit Bank
  ◊  Tobacco Company
  ◊  OKTA
  ◊  EVN
  ◊  Macedonian Telecommunications
  ◊  Bureau for the Protection of Industrial Property
  ◊  Gete Institute
  ◊  British Council
  ◊  French Cultural Centre, Skopje
  ◊  Open Society Institute
  ◊  Institute for International Cooperation of the German Association of public universities
  ◊  University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  ◊  Bureau of Education Development
  ◊  World Learning
  ◊  Other embassies in Macedonia and many other international organizaccii, associations ...


Quality Guarantee

Center for Foreign Languages ​​was the founder of Max - Macedonian Association for Quality Language Services.

What do we offer to our listeners?

  ◊  Following the modern trends in teaching foreign languages
  ◊  An appropriately qualified teaching personnel
  ◊  Proper equipment of the school
  ◊  Continuous verification of knowledge
  ◊  Constant collaboration with students and school openness for new school proposals
  ◊  Continuity in learning foreign languages
  ◊  Due notice of all courses, innovations and changes
  ◊  Preparation for taking international exams
  ◊  Consultation for further education

Languages are for life