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EZKC Spirit

Bul. Sv. Kliment Ohridski br 29 1/5
tel: +389 (0) 78 340 091; +389 (0) 2 3109 144, fax:
website: www.ezkc-spirit.mk

Educational fun and creative center for children from 3 to 8 years old

The purpose of this center is the development of creativeness and creation (for preschool children) of all domains with implementation of standards for early childhood development through a variety of creative workshops that will be implemented by appropriate personnel. Implementation of SRDR will be based on the national program for preschool upbringing and education. Through the creative workshops that will be organized in three separate premises the children will have an opportunity to choose which group to join, and that provides an opportunity to respect the individual and holistic approach to the children. That will be the key indicator of the further additional individual work with children will requiring in order to achieve the standards. Special attention will be devoted to detection and monitoring of gifted children and creating conditions for their rapid and more adequate development.

According to the interest and the age of the children will be organized a creative workshops. The organization of the workshops will be flexible and the children will freely communicate and move trought the premises. The space and layout of the furniture will provide accurate accommodation so the workshops shall take place in the most natural way for the children. The center futures many didactic materials and tools for the job, equipped libraries with reference literature for children of this age. Besides the manuals and workbooks the library is equipped with a variety of picture books, books and magazines for children. The center will operate according to the following principles: the principle of democracy, the principle of Non-discrimination, the principle of respecting the individual differences, the principle of a holistic approach, the principle of the best interest of the child principle of preparing children for longlife learning as an educational strategy, principle of the understanding of the others and multiculturalism, the principle of inclusion of children with special needs, principle of physical health and safety, the principle of autonomy, competence and responsibility etc..

In the preparation of the Programme of the Centre for 2014/2015 year the starting points are the National Program for preschool upbringing and education standards for early learning and development. The main task in working with the children will be developing their positive sides, the human values ​​and creative potential through stimulating conditions. In this emphasis is placed on proper psycho-physical, a health, intellectual and social-emotional development of the child for further active participation in social life. For the realization of the creative workshops a professional staff-ofpedagogues are engaged which also will be the creators of the annual program that will be very flexible and it will covers all areas of interest to children. Throughout the year the educators will provide advisory services and will assist and direct the parental influence in the development and education of the children.

» Happy childhood
» Proper growth and development
» Interesting games and game activities
» Recreation and entertainment
» And most important of all ... encouraging
  а creativity in children

The first and only educational fun-creative center for children from 2 to 8 years old. EZKC Spirit is modeled after the Child. We create a stimulating environment that affects all aspects of child development which with its flexible organization this center is in accordance with the needs of the children. The child becomes an active entity in its development, and we respect the holistic approach, individuality and children's rights and we are able to create children's environment and to influence on their normal development. In addition to the the children we are offering the the opportunity to express in their own possibilities and potentials. The focus is placed on the the way the child perceives the world as a child learns, not what they are learning and what quantity of knowledge will acquire. We strive to reach the quality in the children and development of certain behaviors, characteristics and approaches with children, which will be saved in later years and will affect further improve of the development of the child.

GAMES and game activities
The game and the playing activity are the apsolut foundation of overall cognition in early childhood. They occur mainly as a principle of child development through which the children gain valuable experience and knowledge.
The game is an imminent, an integral part of a child's life. In early childhood it is the primary activity through which the children personality is developed it perceives the world and the foundations of socialization. This period is characterized as a proper basis for psycho-physical development, the game serves as a tool for developing of the intellectual, aesthetic and moral qualities, which encourages curiosity, and thus imagination and creativity with in the children.
Through the games and game activities the teachers from Spirit spontaneously and unobtrusively maintain the interest of the children in learning about the different aspects of the world through developmental domains that are integrated in the same direction. Therefore the most important thing for every teacher is to awake the child in and through their games and game activities to encourage and nurture the child being, giving space and the opportunity and only to be the oganizator and creator on their own experience.
EZKC Spirit is primarily suited to the needs of the the children, but also to the parents too.
We offer opportunities for growth and development depending on the interest of the child, his potentials, opportunities and capabilities.
We offer creative afternoon workshops with a duration of 2 hours during the day, every Monday and Wednesday from 18 to 20 hours.

The Enrollments are ongoing. The number of the children for admission is limited, so hurry.

The first and unique, new fun and educational creative center, well equipped and suited to the needs of the children from 3 to 8 - year-olds.

With a capacity of 30-35 children, EZKC - Spirit has three separate and spacious rooms for various activities and common room for socializing and communicating with each other.

EZKC Spirit was created and modeled after a Child.

Our vision is in one stimulating environment to influence all aspects of child development in order to differentiate the potential of each child individually and through an individualized approach to encourage its intellectual and physical development.

Learning through game allows the child to easily overcome the contents, becoming an active subject in the area, to build a creative relationship to the environment that surrounds it.

In our center operates highly educated staff with great pedagogical-psychological and methodical-didactic experience which creates children's activities and through a holistic approach to child supports its healthy and orderly intellectual, emotional, psychological and physical development.

Of course, our priority is the interest of the child.

Every child has the opportunity to express in their own abilities and potential and realize their own rights. In a creative and inspiring environment to adopt knowledge and develop skills that will be applicable in their everyday lives, to acquire lasting habits that will be aimed at building an independent, healthy and moral person.





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