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Trgo Vaga

Production , Services , Trade
Ul. Isaja Mazovski br.44
tel: +389 (0) 2 2039 200, fax: +389 (0) 2 2050 362
website: www.trgovaga.com.mk



TRGO VAGA is a company that`s concerned with production and sales of all types of scales and other measuring instruments, with the highest quality and standards of  production ...


 Our company offers services and calibratio and servicing of existing mesurement instruments that we have... for more information please contact us, feel free to call, write or simply email us...

visit us and ensure with the quality of the products and services that we offer.




TRGO VAGA has all types of electronic and mechanical scales for food processing, manufacturing processes, stores and disributional-discount centers, scales for goods, feed, production of wine, for wineries, with its own production.

Production of truck scales for all purposes.purposes.

  As authorized service we provide a service - repairing, calibration and sales of all types of scales with complete documentation for accuracy and verification, and issuance of a document for calibration of scales with a validity of 2 years.


Our company also offers a machinery for food industry, sales and servicing of those machines.