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Real Estate Agency Happiness Skopje, Macedonia

Ul. Cici Popovic br. 3/3-19
tel: +389 (0) 2 2455 103, fax: +389 (0) 2 2464 036
website: www.hepines-agencija.com

1ApartmentFor sale0,000,000.0Build '89, 7 floors with attic; near MZT sports hall; documents; South/East oriented; ...AerodromСкопје
2ApartmentFor sale125.000,007.750.000,000.0Near shopping center Three Pearls, behind Vucko store; 4 floors; South/West oriented; ...AerodromСкопје
3ApartmentFor rent350,0021.700,000.0One bedroom - dormeo mattress; (near QBE); Leather furniture; everything from household ...CenterСкопје
4ApartmentFor rent0,000,000.0Near State Hospital in a building with 3 floors; luxury furnished; AC; Satellite; ...VodnoСкопје
5ApartmentFor rent0,000,000.0Backside of Ramstor mall in a building with 7 floors; completely luxury equipped and ...CenterСкопје
6ApartmentFor rent0,000,000.0Two bedrooms (one with една со double bed and one with one bed); completely ...Debar MaaloСкопје
7HouseFor rent0,000,000.0VodnoСкопје
8HouseFor sale145.000,008.990.000,00240.0After SP Market; yard area with in 117m2; ground floor 60 m2, 2 bedrooms, living room, ...Kisela VodaСкопје