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Real Estate Agency Mezon Skopje, Macedona

Kole Nedelkovski Street No. 63
tel: +389 (0) 2 3216 564, fax:
website: www.mezon.com.mk

1ApartmentFor rent700,0043.400,00125.0Apartment for rent on the 2 floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Private heating on electricity, ...CrniceСкопје
2ApartmentFor rent800,0049.600,00140.0Apartments for rent in Debar Maalo: First floor -- 140 m2, big living and dining ...Debar MaaloСкопје
3ApartmentFor rent1.350,0083.700,00120.0Apartment for rent in Kapishtec, 120 m2 on the second floor. It has living, dining ...KapishtecСкопје
4ApartmentFor rent1.000,0062.000,00160.0Apartment for rent in Center, 160 m2 on the 3rd floor, living, dining room & kitchen, ...CenterСкопје
5ApartmentFor rent1.200,0074.400,00250.0Floor of a house for rent, on two levels, 250 m2 on Vodno (next to the American residence): First ...VodnoСкопје
6ApartmentFor rent1.200,0074.400,00140.0Brand new floor of a house for rent, in Kozle/Kapishtec, 140 m2 on the 2nd floor, ...KozleСкопје
7HouseFor rent1.800,00111.600,00400.0House for rent in Zdanec 400m2 and 2500m2 of garden with swimming pool. The house ...ZdanecСкопје
8HouseFor rent2.000,00124.000,00300.0House in Bardovci, 300m2: Basement – open space, could be used as a storage or ...BardovciСкопје
9HouseFor rent2.000,00124.000,00320.0House for rent in Przino 320m2 on 2 levels, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (one with Jacuzzi), ...PrzinoСкопје
10HouseFor rent2.100,00130.200,00300.0House in Bardovci 300m2 with 400m2 of garden. Ground floor – guest apartment with ...BardovciСкопје
11HouseFor rent2.000,00124.000,00300.0House for rent in Zdanec, 300m2 on two levels with 150m2 of garden, living & dining ...ZdanecСкопје
12HouseFor rent2.100,00130.200,00300.0Brand new house for rent, in Zdanec (Kozle), 300 m2: Ground floor---living with a ...ZdanecСкопје
13HouseFor rent2.500,00155.000,00270.0New house for rent on Vodno, 270 m2: Ground floor---living, dining room and kitchen, ...VodnoСкопје
14HouseFor rent2.500,00155.000,00180.0House for rent in Zlokukani, 180m2 with 2500m2 of garden with swimming pool. The house ...ZlokukaniСкопје
15HouseFor rent2.500,00155.000,00350.0House for rent in Vlae, 350m2 on 3 levels. It has living, dining room and kitchen, ...VlaeСкопје
16HouseFor rent3.000,00186.000,00250.0Brand new house for rent in Bardovci, 250m2: Underground - room for recreation with ...BardovciСкопје