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Livithra Hotel

Skotina Beach, Pieras
tel: 00302352091339, fax: 00302352091537
website: www.livithra-hotel.gr

Welcome in “Livithra” Hotel

In a magnificent place that combines vacations in mountain and sea.

In the fringes of Olympus, by in the beautiful coasts of Pieria we wait for you in a pleasant and hospitable environment, in order you to pass unforgettable vacations.

The irreproachable and friendly service, our attracted spaces will ensure you worm and comfortable stay.

Make a fictitious tour in our hotel and in the environment space and if you like to communicate with us you have just to supplement your elements in the form of communication.

If it needs we will communicate with you as soon as possible.

HOTEL "Livithra"

The Livithra Hotel builded in 1983 and functioned for first time in 1984. It is found in the beach of Skotina, in the "Olympic Riviera of" Eastern Olympus.

This region combines also mountain and sea. The road that leads in the beach (350metres from the hotel) is between plane trees aged over 100 years and offers a pleasant and fresh walk.


In 2000 we the householders of the hotel we judged essential that a renovation would serve more needs and wishes of our customers. For this what you asked we made it:


A swimming pool for small children (children's - depth - 0,60m) but also a swimming pool for all ages (depth from 0,90m. - 2,10m.). You can drink your coffee in a beautiful environment or in the bar or enjoying the sun and your children can play endless hours in the playground.


There is a Restaurant - Pizzeria because after a good swimming bath, sunbathing and a lot of play you need some good food. You can eat from a simple tost, for those who want only a snake, salads and fresh fishes for those who keep their body form, cooked for those adore home food, the hour for a good wine or even some resin-flavoured wine for those who really are hungry and want one traditional Greek dinner!
In our two story hotel exist 18 rooms – two rooms, three rooms, four rooms and a apartment that whole disposes of air conditioner, television, telephone, bathroom with shower, refrigerator.


Whoever wants to watch programs of NOVA it can do it in the lounge of hotel.


The last 2 times each evening Friday becomes comes and see…. Pool-party…! Gather it individuals of all ages in order to enjoy themselves. A lot of laughter! Above from 200 individuals they dance in the crazy rhythm of Dj after it plays in diapason all the commercial successes Greek and foreigner but also song of past that has remained in our heart. Can hear from Disco, Pop, House, Rock, Latin, and Greek dances


The hotel "Livithra" organises many excursions in all Greece. 



The village Skotina is builded in fringes of Olympus where his shade, sunset reaches in the endless beach of Thermaikos gulf. It is addressed in each preference with the gold-trimmed sandy beach irritating the visitor’s disposal to find in the summer indolence the genuine simplicity and the magnificence of fabulous Olympus that in the ancient times was the mountain of 12 gods. This mountain range Olympus - with the top the MITTIKA with altimeter 2.917m has the magic and beauty each season of time.

As said the ancient relic and deliveries, the locomotion and the contraction in a village emanated to the predatory raids at the season of Byzantine times after it abstained only few hundreds metres from the inmost part of Thermaikos at the 14th – 18th century. Upper Skotina was shelter of Christian population while the field, gave the impression of abandonment. This capital village began to thrive also result of that prosperity is the appreciable monuments of season which are maintained until today afterwards the maintenance by the archaeologists of z' eforias of Byzantine antiquities is the temple of Savior in the locality (kontres) that in the sign above recorded the chronology of construction e'tos1618. Skotina referred in 1649. After 30 ages on 17 May 1670, there are a lot of reports and its inhabitants and their attendance in the revolutionary movements against the Ottomans.

The ever-memorable patriarch Kallinikos in 1861 prompted his fellow-villager to be shifted the village from the inaccessible height of 740m in the current locality of Skotina near the ancient culture of Livithra near in their properties. They did not sympathise his thoughtful however in order not to abandon cleanest air and crystal waters. The village numbered about 400 inhabitants but pushed from the Turkish hordes immigrated in various urban centres.

Afterwards the expiry of a century accepted to abandon the village as anticipated the ever-memorable Kallinikos and they are located in the current locality of Skotina near in their properties. The beginning became in 1890 from 10 roughly families and in 1830 gone there 60 more. Skotina today presents a tourist movement at the summer months even if the possibilities of village are wider region for tourist growth is big.

Thus the last time has become an appreciable effort to grow enormous natural possibilities. Still in time and history of Upper Skotina characterized traditional village and the work of exploitation await their concretisation. It is not accidental that whoever visits the village leaves with the wish to go back soon.


«The Livitra» was found in ravine separates the mountain range of Olympus. It is an Ancient city and one of the most important cultural centres. Near in Dion existed citadel called Livithra. In this part the Orpheus organised dances for admiration of god of wine - Dionysus and was prohibited for all the women Pierias takes part in the clandestine operations of Orpheus. After his death they built his temple and planted around cypresses. Because of the earthquake a river carried away all the region of the town. Afterwards by this destruction the grave of Orpheus was transported in different locality 4kilometrs Western by the Dion.

The beauty of nature however until today touches and thrills each individual that visits this region!